Europlasma is a French group whose know-how built up over 20 years is based on its proprietary technology, the plasma torch, which allows high temperatures to be reached without fossil fuel. Europlasma's business consists of developing, construction and operating numerous applications of the plasma torch to benefit mankind and his environment.
Europlasma Group - qui sommes-nous

Our history

  • 1992
    Europlasma Group - Histoire - Création

    Set up

    Plasma torch license / Aerospace
    A vocation : to turn innovation into industrial assets to serve the environment.
  • 1997
    Europlasma Group - Histoire - Vitrification des cendres

    Ashes vitrification

    ashes vitrification unit – Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) incinerator
    Engineering and construction of a vitrification plant in Cenon incinerator (Bordeaux - France) 7t/d.
  • 2001
    Europlasma Group - Histoire - Inertage de l'amiante

    Asbestos destruction

    Construction and operation of an asbestos melting plant
    Engineering and construction of an asbestos waste melting plant in Morcenx (France) 30 t/d
  • 2010
    Europlasma Group - Histoire - Confinement des déchets radioactifs

    Low-level radioactive waste conditioning

    Engineering and development of process for low-level radioactive waste conditioning and volume reduction
    Engineering and construction of a plasma furnace for low-level radioactive waste in Buglaria: 1.5 t/d
  • 2017
    Europlasma Group - Histoire - Energies renouvelables

    Renewable Energies

    Renewable Energy production from advanced gasification of waste and biomass
    Start of the 1st Renewable Energy power plant in Morcenx (France) : 11MWe installed
  • 2019

    Strategic turn

    Implementation of a new strategic plan in order to turn the Group over
    Change of Governance and strategic reorientation. Zigi Capital becomes the reference Shareholder.
  • 2021

    External growth

    Acquisition of Forges de Tarbes, a company specializing in the manufacture of hollow bodies
    Acquisition which is part of the deployment of the second phase of Europlasma's strategic plan
Europlasma Group - Notre stratégie R & D


Since its creation, Europlasma has dedicated a large part of its investments to Research & Development for equipment and plants using plasma technology. The processes developed by the Group are protected by patents in the main geographical areas where it operates.

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