Europlasma's mission aims to reduce the waste impact on the environment and to transform it into energy or recoverable products. The processes developed by Europlasma are based on the use of very high temperatures with its unique and patented technology: THE PLASMA TORCH.
Europlasma Group - Schema Mission

The activities of Europlasma Group


Transform waste into fuel: from waste disposal to Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) in substitute of fossil fuel.


Plasma Solutions for gas and hazardous waste

Develop new applications at very high temperature: plasma solutions offering environmental advantages in various sectors and industrial countries.

Europlasma industries

Hazardous Wastetreatment

Valorize asbestos waste: from toxic waste to inert end-product recycling.



Hollow shapes and anode sheets for capacitors manufactures
Les Forges de Tarbes manufactures large diameter hollow shapes. Satma Industries is European pure-player in the production of electronic components for Electrolytic Capacitors